Volunteer Ambassador Program

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What is a FollowMyCal Volunteer Ambassador?

  • One of the select few who are chosen to represent and grow our brand• Volunteer Ambassadors have the power and flexibility to market in their local environment as they see fit
  • Volunteer Ambassadors have the mission to help the local community by giving them a platform to organize and increase productivity through planning events

What would you do?

  • Volunteer Ambassadors would identify individuals, groups, organizations, schools, businesses and the like that would benefit from being on FollowMyCalVolunteer Ambassadors would use their creativity and social media savvy to advocate on behalf of FollowMyCal to on-board these users on our platform
  • Volunteer Agents should create at least one calendar that they get users to follow

What would you get?

  • Access to an exclusive FollowMyCal Ambassador Network
  • Direct communication with the CEO of the Corporation
  • Free swag• Recognition on our social media handles
  • Opportunities for prizes • Exclusive icon on your FollowMyCal profile
  • Access to the Exclusive Volunteer Ambassador Calendar
  • Early access to new beta versions of our platform• Exclusive Ambassador-only newsletter

How do you start?